Monday, February 15, 2010

We had a Pink Party lastnight! Everyone was instructed to wear pink and bring a dip of some sort to share. It was really fun! I got Eric and I pink shirts at the Goodwill on Friday since we were both lacking anything in that color in our closets. I made red velvet cake balls, guacamole, and 7-layer dip. We had crab dip, fruit dip, chili dip, and mozzarella and cheese sticks. It was all so yummy!

Andre won the best dressed award. Sweet looking suit.
Dick and Ann. Ann is my mentor and her and her husband have come alongside our Biblestudy to help lead/encourage/give wisdom. They are WONDERFUL.
We tried for a really long time to take a picture as a group. Right as the camera went off, someone popped a balloon. Callie freaked out.:)
Finally made it.
Kiss your valentine!!! Yet what you don't see in this picture was the fact that Eric as he went to put his arm around me, I leaned in to kiss him and he nailed me in the mouth with his elbow. So he was kissing me very gently at that point haha.:)

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