Wednesday, March 31, 2010

TA-DA!!!! I apologize for the yellowish pictures, I took them early morning so they kinda have a glow.

I'm so loving the white. It makes the space feel brighter, cleaner and fresh. The next project is to actually paint the kitchen. I'm pretty sure we're doing a very very light gray. I love gray and white together!!!

Whaddya think???And we're getting our couch tonight!!!! I'm so so so excited! Going 2 months without a couch wasn't super fun, but it will make have a comfortable beautiful couch soooo amazing.:)

Tuesday, March 30, 2010

We had a momentous occasion this past weekend. I ate my first corn dog. Ever. I have NEVER had one before and really never had a desire. My mom didn't let us eat much frozen food apart from frozen veggies and popsicles growing up so I missed out on the corn dogs, bagel bites (although I have had those and love them) and chicken nuggets. Well, this weekend was Norman's Medieval Fair - quite a sight to behold. There were so many raccoon tails poking out of peoples rears, women's busts busting out of their corsets and long flowing cloaks that I really didn't need a corn dog to make me nauseated, the Fair itself was doing a fine job at that. Oh, and I got to watch a 70+ man put a sword down his throat. Actually, that's a lie. I didn't watch. I got the gag reflex and looked away. And then just stared at Erics face as he stood memorized with his mouth gaping open for the full 1 1/2 minutes it took the dumbie to slowly shove that thing down his esophagus.

But it did offer me the chance to have a corn dog. I was instructed that in order to try my virgin corn dog, it had to be at a state fair or something, not just the corn dogs you can buy frozen at the grocery store. I slathered that sucker up with ketchup and mustard, took a huge bite, and was done with it before I could swallow. Not my thing. I don't like em. It was too greasy, I didn't like the graininess of the corn, and overall it was just unpleasant. I think I'm gonna stick with grilled hotdogs in a regular bun, with ketchup, mustard and dill relish.
But I did it. Be proud. Oh and tomorrow I'll show you pics of the cabinets. Sorry its taken so long. Just one of those weeks.:)

Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Well this is what our kitchen has looked like for the past 4 days. We are in our final stages of spraying the doors with the air compressor and letting them dry and I'm hoping that tomorrow they will be all placed back in their rightful spots.
This is what my house looked like. Therefore this is how my brain felt. IN DISARRAY.
So I bought these to make myself feel better. Boy did they ever.
I put them above my sink so I can look at them a million times a day. Thats actually not true. I don't stand at my kitchen sink a million times a day. It just feels like that. And I'm not even a stay-at-home-mom yet.
I put one by my bed too.
I like starfish. Can you tell? I promise I didn't bring the one from the kitchen into my bedroom just as a prop for the picture. I really do have two. Just two though.

I found this little mirror tray at the Goodwill this past weekend. I LOVE IT. I think its actually suppose to be a framed mirror, like one you hang up. Nope, not in this house it won't. And I LOVE the people on top of my mirror tray. They are some of my absolute FAVORITES.
I found this little gold clock during one of my treasure hunts. I'm really not entirely sure as to why the previous owner got rid of it because it is ADORABLE and cannot be cheap. Just needed a new battery.
And my slowly growing collection of mercy glass candle sticks. I once had a very dear friend ask me if there was any particular reason why I didn't put candles in my candlesticks. I had no explanation for her. And I still don't.
Can't wait to show you the finished kitchen!!

Ps. - I apologize for the randomness of this post. I'm not quite sure how we got from painting kitchen cabinets to discussing what resides next to my pillow.

Friday, March 19, 2010

This is what I did today instead of working. I went to work, but then got sent home because the meeting that I had, got cancelled. I'm not complaining.

So, I tackled this project. I had been wanting to make topiaries for awhile, but the supplies for them can add up real quick. From the pots, to moss, and floral foam but then I read this. Julie has a great blog that is super practical and lots of fun decorating tips and made topiaries the other day that were SUPER cheap and really adorable! I found these little pots for $5 a piece at Hobby Lobby - they were 50% off therefore perfect!
Heres the first one. I think I like Julies better but they are cute and definitely made the living room more springy.
And the second one. I made Eric drive down the road the other day when we were out because we lack a supply of trees in Oklahoma our neighborhood and so I had to steal from behind a church.
Ignore the splotch of white paint on the mantle. I got into a painting frenzy about a month ago and starting painting anything I could get my hands on. Eric caught me right has I had done my first couple strokes and made me put the brush down. I still want to paint it. But then again, I want to paint pretty much everything in my house at this point. Happy Friday!!!

Thursday, March 18, 2010

I'm not sure why I made sushi tonight. Its actually kind of cruel because Eric LOVES sushi and he's flying tonight and won't be home till 10 or 11pm. BUT - I did make two extra rolls for him, so all he has to do is slice and serve it up. I was just in the mood. Its so yummy, filling and yet very healthy. I used canned tuna, red pepper and avacado cause it as all I had in my fridge, but it was deliciousness. I find that a lot of people are intimidated by making sushi - it really is quite easy, it just can be a little time consuming. But if you keep your filler ingredients to a minimum, its not that bad. I've been to and have put on sushi parties before where everyone assembles their own and they are so fun! It gets everyone involved and everyone likes touching their food.:)
One roll filled me up, and there was enough rice to make to rolls so those are in the fridge for Eric if he comes home hungry. I am off to work on one of my many projects. Sewing, painting or making topiaries... not sure which one I want to do haha.:)

Friday, March 12, 2010

I found this blog posted on facebook on my sisters profile. And as I sat and wept at the complete abandonment that this young woman has come to for our sweet sweet Savior, I prayed and pleaded that I would be that obedient to follow Jesus. That I would lay down my life, no matter how small or big. That I would remember what it cost Him has he hung on the Cross, separated from His Father. I pray you are blessed, challenged and reminded that our time on this earth is so so short. To waste not a moment.

Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Giveaway - love them. Lola B's in one of my absolute favorite blogs to read. She has a dry and witty sense of humor, is a wonderful mother, picture taker, decorator and a wonderful homemaker. And she's having a giveaway today!!! Go check out, but only if you like pretty things.:)

Tuesday, March 9, 2010

I want this truck. Isn't it so fabulous and vintage??? I would so much rather have this one than a new one. I love old, dumpy trucks.:) We are going to look at trucks tonight and I'M SO EXCITED!!!!

Monday, March 8, 2010

Mom and I have been having tons of tea. Especially today. It was rainy and kinda cold. So we sewed (I can't wait to show you what we did!!) and drank tea. We've also watched the Masterpiece Emma which was 4 hours long, watched Pride and Prejudice lastnight and about to go on a hunt for Persuasion. Can't get enough of Jane Austen!

Saturday, March 6, 2010

We did a little bit of this lastnight.:) For some reason, it just jumped into my head that I needed to make chocolate covered frozen bananas. Don't ask me why. I've never made them before. But boy are they good!

This is what you'll need: Good chocolate, (I used Ghirardeli), cream, bananas and lollypop sticks.
Halve and peel your bananas.

Place a stick up the middle of each banana and lay on wax paper until dipping time.
Melt chocolate in a double boiler, in the microwave, or just in a pot - however you'd like. Add a little cream to smooth out the texture - although, this seemed to make it less smooth in my case haha. All the other times it worked!!
And then dip those babies!!! Cover them good with lots of chocolate.
And Mom loves nuts - so she put nuts on hers. You could do coconut, pecans, walnuts, mini chocolate chips, chopped up Andi's mints - anything you want!
And then enjoy.:)

Have a happy rest of the week!!

Thursday, March 4, 2010

Mom is here!!! I am absolutely loving it. We have already worked out, gone thrifting together, gone on walks, watched Emma and had plenty of heart to hearts. She just refreshes my soul. She is here for a whole week! So, I'll probably be a little more more MIA then usual. Love you all!

Monday, March 1, 2010

I have been BEGGING Eric to let me paint the fireplace white. It just needs a fresh look. He, however thinks its too risky. What's risky about white, I ask??? These are just a few pictures that I have found, (I'm sorry, I'm absolutely HORRID at remembering to source them) to try to convince him. What do you think? Yes it would look great? No, thats a terrible idea? I need help!
This is the current look - wouldn't white look SO GOOD?? - Sorry, the only shot I could find was from Christmas.