Thursday, July 28, 2011

Yesterday was your birthday. It was perfect. Except for that fact that you had to work. Britt and I woke you up with a candle in a muffin singing happy birthday. Britt was a little confused. She didn't know why she wasn't being fed.:) But we sang and then cuddled in bed. It was the perfect way to start the day.
You went to work and we started our day, but the whole time just waited for you to come home for lunch. When you FINALLY did, we packed up and went to Rascals to eat BBQ. It was delicious. Britt loves BBQ so she was a happy camper.
You went back to work and Britt and I went to the pool to play for a while. I made you a lemon cheesecake during her nap and got a movie for us to watch that night. You got home from work and thats when the fun really began. We played Mumford & Sons on iTunes while I made pizza. Britt jumped in the jumper and giggled as you played peek-a-boo and ran at her saying "I'm going to get you!!!" You were in a silly mood so you danced like a crazy man for me and Britt. And then you grabbed me and we danced in the kitchen. I loved that Britt stopped bouncing and watched us and we slowly swirled in circles, hugging and kissing.
We put Britt down and we took everything into the bedroom. The pizza that just came out of the oven, popcorn that we had to pop ahead of time so as to not wake Britt, the lemon cheesecake, beer and the movie. We cuddled up on the bed, watching the Food Network and ate. And then ate cheesecake. And then ate popcorn. I sang happy birthday to you again and we just laid together as we watched the movie. It was perfect.
I wish I had taken pictures throughout the day. I wish we could stay here until its time for you to come home. But I am SO so thankful that we got to be together these last couple weeks - what a gift. God is so gracious to us to give us this kind of "deployment" We have such a wonderful heavenly Father.
I love you baby. I love being your wife and I love living life next to you. You are my best friend, my rock, my personal comedian, my HOT stud and the best father to our Britt. You are such a gift. Happy Birthday.