Monday, December 13, 2010

Britt got her pictures taken yesterday by our favorite Oklahoma photographer, Brandi Welch. She was also our maternity photographer and I have LOVED working with her. This photo is just a sneak peek of what we did yesterday and I'm DYING to see the rest.:)

My mom leaves tomorrow morning after being here for 2 1/2 weeks. I've been so spoiled having her help me with Britt and am already dreading her leaving. She is SO much fun - Eric and I have had such a fun time hanging out with her, playing games, hanging around the house and eating a TON of english muffins.:) She will be very very missed. The upside is that she comes back in ONE WEEK with the rest of my family for Christmas.:) SO - I can't be too sad.

Will post more later!

Wednesday, December 1, 2010

Britt is here.:)

SHE'S HERE!!!! I can't believe its actually happened. That I have a daughter and I'm no longer pregnant.Britt Louise arrived on Monday morning, at 10:58am via c-section. She weighed 7 pounds, 2 ounces, and is 19 inches long. She was breech, the reason for the c-section and when they put her on the warming table, her feet flew up to her face.:) The nurse had difficultly wrapping her up cause she just wanted her legs straight up next to her head.:) Breech babies apparently make great gymnasts - total perk in my mind.:)
We just got home from the hospital today - so I'll post more later. I'm going to work on our birth story - because I believe every women has one, regardless of how they give birth.:) Plus, it'll be good to document to remember.

She is absolutely perfect and I fall in love with every passing moment. I am blessed beyond understanding.

Friday, October 8, 2010

Nursery Update! And its just the beginning. It is seriously my new happy place in the house. I just love the freshness of the white and in the morning when the sun is filtering through the blinds, it feels like heaven. I cannot wait until she is there to complete it.
Sorry these aren't the best pictures, but this was at 12am after a long day of driving to Dallas to go to Ikea to pick up the chair and ottoman and then putting it together when we got back. It is so fun having all of her furniture in place, although I decided I'm going to place a bookshelf we currently have in the guest bedroom and put it on the left side of the crib for her books and some of her toys. But other than that, its just curtains, pictures, a mirror and the accessories that need to be added. Oh, and Britt!!:) The best part!
The crib was a find off of Craiglist for $100 and needed no clean up or painting job so that was a blessing.
I bought her blocks from Anthropologie and I LOVE THEM. I'm really into classic wooden toys, which Ikea has a lot of, for great prices, but these blocks were too cute to pass up.
I found the dresser at an antique shop for $70 and repainted it and put new hardware on it. I"m not sold on the knobs yet, but I'm letting it sink in to see if I want to change them. And clearly I have to drill new holes for the one drawer.
You'll get a full run through when its complete.:) Hopefully when we get back from VA, I'll get to crackin'. Only 8 more weeks till the due date!:)

Thursday, September 30, 2010

My friend Gabby, is an ultrasound tech. She was so sweet to offer to scan me for free in 3D! I could barely wait for the to day arrive, knowing we were going to get our first glimpse of our sweet baby girls face.
And low and behold, she has Eric's lips, exactly like I wanted.:) I love how big them seem, although I'm sure they aren't as huge as I think they are. And I'll take that cute button nose and those wide set eyes any day. I wonder how much she'll look like this when she actually arrives. Sometimes babies come out looking just like their ultrasound pictures, others, not so much.
I've grown impatient in waiting for her to come, not because I'm uncomfortable, tired of being pregnant or want an end to all the back pain, continuous hunger and need for sleep. Those I don't mind because I know it means I am growing our baby.:) No, I'm impatient because I JUST WANT TO HOLD HER! I am DYING to hold her in my arms and cuddle her, and finally be able to kiss her soft forehead, rather that just feel it as she presses her head up against my ribs haha.:)
Cute little feet.:) I got two sets of boots for her from a surprise baby shower that my Biblestudy girls threw me. They are SO cute and I can't wait to dress her up in them.

Tuesday, September 7, 2010

We started painting Britt's room yesterday! It was so fun to feel like we were actually getting her room ready. I literally CANNOT wait for her to get her - and sometimes it feels like we're missing someone when its just Eric and I in the house.
We decided to do the ceiling last minute. We felt like it would flow better. And because we were lazy and didn't want to cut the ceiling.:) Us Millers don't use painters tape - Eric swears that if you have a good brush, you don't need tape. And he's really right. A good brush and a steady hand.:)
Darby, my good friend and also a fellow College Life adult leader, came up and helped us paint. Eric and I actually just spent Saturday and Sunday down in Dallas with them going to a John Mayer concert - WAY fun. She was a doll to come help us out.

I can't wait till its all done and I can start putting her things in the room. I still need to paint her dresser - so that will need to happen sometime soon.Yes, this was the "I will conquer this room in my Darth Vadar mask" pose. This is what I look like when I paint.:) Totally stylin'.

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Belly update! I really don't look that much bigger... in pictures or in person. At least I don't think so. But you know how I can tell??? I have an outie belly button, and it just keeps getting pushed out further and further and is starting to flatten hahaha. But luck for you guys, I'm not into naked belly pictures... er, I mean bare belly pictures. This is probably the last time I will wear this dress, unfortunately.

I will be 27 weeks aka basically 6 months, this Saturday, and my upcoming midwife appointment is the last monthly one I will have. Then I go to every other week. CRAZY!

Another big development in the pregnancy is that Eric and I just enrolled in the Bradley Method Class. I'm super excited!!! If you don't know about it, you can read about it here. But basically it prepares you, your husband, your body and mind for the whole birthing process. It involves the daddy A TON which I love and really helps you learn to worth with your body and the pain, as oppose to fighting it. So, we start in two weeks. SO excited!!!

Thursday, August 26, 2010

This is my mom's kitchen. Its been this way for... well as long as I can remember, but I know at one point the walls weren't burgandy. But the cabinets and appliances have been there since we moved in.

Since doing my own kitchen cabinets, my mom has thrown around the idea of painting hers. So, we decided that while I was out in VA after going to Canada, we would tackle it and just get it done. She wanted it to be bright, airy and seem more spacious. She gave me a budget and off we went!!
She had less cabinet doors to take off and paint, but there was 30 years of grime and dirt on them that we had to soak and scrub off before we could even think about painting. So that was an extra step that we had to do to hers that we didn't do to mine.
We used a Behr paint & primer in bright white for the cabinets and a mistint pale yellow that was also a Behr paint and primer in a pale yellow.
We cleared the counters, pulled the refrigerator and oven away from the walls and got to work!
It was quite the transformation!!! It made the room seem so much bigger, cleaner and brighter!
We threw away the old hardware and bought brushed nickle handles and knobs as a replacement. The cabinet doors used to have a handles as well and we decided that knobs would look better, so we filled one of the holes with wood filler, sanded it down and then placed a knob there as well.
We replaced the hinges as well - and at 9pm the night before my baby shower, we were drilling new holes in the doors and hanging them!! But the job got done and it looked fantastic!
Yay for a $300 new kitchen!!!

Friday, August 20, 2010

Good grief, its been practically another lifetime ago that I updated this blog. I am so sorry. Really. I know there are people who love us and have longed to be apart of our lives and know what is going on, and I have just been so unmotivated to blog. I'm hoping that now, with no job, I will get better at it and back into the swing of things.

This is the lowdown of what has happened in the past 5 months!!!
We went to Virginia and told all our family and friends that we were having a baby - and the morning sickness took off at full speed.:) We got to watch some very dear friends of ours from college get married. Joe and Rachel are perfect for each other and it was so fun to celebrate with them.
All the JMU Dukes at the wedding. I miss them all so much!!!
Went to Virginia Tech to visit John for his birthday. We rarely take a normal sibling picture.:)
Went to L.A. to watch Levi, my brother in law, get his Masters. He is getting his Ph.D at Biola University and has worked SO hard during his time in school. It was a fun sibling trip, Rachel and John came out as well, and Eric got to experience LA for the first time. I got a horrible cold and of course was throwing up the whole time.:)
Phoebe and Max with Uncle Silas, Levi's brother. I miss these kids like crazy.
I went to Tulsa to see Alex, one of my Biblestudy girls compete in the Miss Oklahoma Pagent. She did wonderfully and we were all completely hoarse from yelling so much by the end.
All the Biblestudy girls that came out to support. Alex placed 5th, or 4th runner up, out of over 75 girls!!! We were SO proud of her!
Mom's rose bush grew tons and tons of roses this summer.:) I have loved having all the color in our house and being reminded of her.And definitely the highlight of the summer - we found out Britt was a GIRL!:) Totally shocked but completely overjoyed, I have grown so attached to the fact that she is a girl, it would be a hard pill to swallow if she popped out a boy.:)
All our friends who came to celebrate with us. Notice all the blue.:) There were so many that thought she was a boy!:)
I threw a baby shower for Whitney, a dear military friend. Her and her husband Mike are expecting their first, Lydia Nicole on September 16th. We had such a good time. We had a hat party instead of a conventional all baby themed shower. It was so fun.
Two different kinds of quiche, recipes via the Pioneer Woman, 4 different types of scones paired with lemon curd, raspberry jam, and cream cheese. It was such a yummy party!
I bought Britt's bedding!!! I'm so excited about it. It has been on sale for the past 5 months at Pottery Barn and thank goodness it still was when I ordered it! I have been so indecisive about how to do her nursery that it took me forever to buy it.
My two best friends, Sam and Lindsay, came out to Oklahoma to visit. It was soooo refreshing and even though it was short, completely what I needed. I miss them every day.:)
Brandon, Lindsay's husband, who Eric lived with during college was able to come as well. They didn't have any fun at all together.:)
Lindsay and I got matching running shoes. No big deal. You can start to see my belly here.:)
Eric bought me tickets to a Rascal Flatts concert down in Dallas and night at a hotel. We had a fun date just being together. It was so fun! This was up in our cowboy boots and get up.
Eric wouldn't stop taking pictures.:)
I grew a baby.:)
I redid my mom's kitchen, (entire makeover to come). Cabinets, walls and all. This is the before shot. It looks SO great now!
I went to Canada with my family to our cabin on Aylen Lake. It is always relaxing and a great place to get away - although I was really missing Eric since he wasn't able to come.
There is no other place that I know that is as peaceful and calming as Aylen.
Whew! And that about wraps it up folks. I am really making a point to get back into my better blogging habits - so now that I'm basically "caught up" we can move forward.:) I love you all - and thank you always for reading.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Well, here are the two things we picked up at the flea market! I'm pretty excited about them! This little table was $25 but I got it for $20. Super sturdy, all wood, lots of detail, round and pedestal. Love it all. I've been looking for something just like this for this spot beside the couch and one of our leather chairs. The size and shape works perfect for the space.
I love the detailing.
This beveled mirror was onl $30 and it's HUGE
I am loving it. I really disliked the cast iron ornate huge thing that hung above the mantle. It came with the house, you can see it here. It was finally time to say goodbye.
Sorry it took me so long to get this up for you all to see. My work computer was being funny all week and I was just too lazy by the time I got home from work.:) Happy weekend!