Wednesday, February 3, 2010

I consider my thrift store excursions treasure hunting. There is so much to look through, so many places that treasures might be, and very often, I walk away disappointed and just come home empty handed. BUT. When do you do find that perfect item (especially with the perfect price tag) it makes me so entirely happy.

Actually, it's a little disturbing how happy I get.

But whatever. Here is my latest treasure!! I am so so excited about it, mostly because it saved us $400!! Here is a chair from World Market, priced $400, that Eric and I really liked and have been saving for several months to buy. We wanted to get two, and then purchase one couch. Being in the military makes me always try to consider what other kinds of homes we might live in when I am purchasing furniture, just cause ya never know what you might end up in. And instead of getting the traditional loveseat and sofa combo, we decided to do two leather chairs and one sofa in order to have the ability to split up pieces of furniture in the future if needed. These chairs were on the smaller side and even though I loved them, weren't super comfortable because the seat wasn't very big.
And then browsing through a consignment shop last week on my lunch break, I found two of these!!! I flipped. And then called Eric.:) We went down the next day and looked at them together. I asked the guy who was running the shop if he would ask the owner if she would be wiling to give us 10% off if we bought them both (never hurts to ask) and he called her right then and she said she would! So we bought them on the spot for a grand total of $389, which included tax! Now we just have to sell our couches!! To Craigslist we go...

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Jennie said...

Gorgeous!! Goodbye blue couches, hello classy leather! I love them. The good deal just makes them that much more beautiful. I'm to the point where if I can't get a discount by asking or find some kind of coupon code for free shipping I don't buy stuff. I just don't get the thrill I'm after in a purchase unless it turns out to be cheaper than originally thought. :-)