Tuesday, October 27, 2009


I'm sorry we have been away so long. Due to a very long trip away from home (it was UH-mazing!) we are back and hit the ground running. We spent a week in Mexico and a week in Virginia and now its back to work and regular life. Eric leaves for a week long TDY (temporary duty) on Friday which doesn't help with the whole trying-to-get-back-into-a-routine thing, but I guess that is somewhat normal for us.:) I just wanted to say that we are alive and well and that I will have time to post pictures from our trip hopefully this weekend. The above picture is a proof of just one of many photos that were shot during a photo shoot Eric and I did while in Virginia. A very talented, Rebekah Murray took them and I CANNOT wait to see the rest!!!

Thursday, October 22, 2009

Honeymoon... Finally!

Well here are our honeymoon pics. It was about time that we took the trip and its about time I posted them for you all to see. I've loved blogging and I hate that I kinda got out of my groove. Especially because I plan on starting another... (more on that later) But here we are! Ready for Mexico - I was SO EXCITED! Eric was too, but he's doesn't quite show the emotion that I do.:) We took a TON of pictures, but here are just a few for you to enjoy.
Our room - it was beautiful, clean and the bed was INCREDIBLE.
Mexican "french fries" They were funny faces.:)
Every afternoon they made sometime by the pool - this time they made drink in coconuts, but I just wanted the coconut. If you've never had fresh coconut jelly, you're missing out. There is a thin layer of transparent jelly type stuff sitting lining the inside of every coconut and its SO good!!! I came to love it in Trinidad back in highschool but haven't had one since - I was pretty excited!

Hanging in the pool - ahhh, I miss the warm weather already.
Here we are about to go to the Mexican Restaurant for dinner - it was really good food. It was so fun getting dressed up every night for dinner.

Our favorite restaurant was the Oriental Restaurant. They had AMAZING sushi and we loved it so much, we ate there 3 time out of the 7 nights and even would take sushi to go for the next day for lunch.:) Again... pretty excited.:)
There was a small bay where we could go snorkeling. It was Eric's first time and he loved it. It was the perfect thing for him since he could now spend hours under water but not have to come up for air. I swear he's half fish.

A view of the resort. This is the back side, facing the ocean and all the pools. It's a beautiful place.
Some of our friends.:)
I wanted to steal the resort hammock. I didn't. But I did sit in it almost every day.:)Lastnight out to dress up for dinner.
This is Craig and Jill. They are honeymooners from New Jersey and are SO much fun. We spent every evening sitting at the bar just hanging out and talking. We have kept in touch and are already planning a trip to see them. They were a wonderful surprise to our trip.

Sunday, October 4, 2009

Chloe Faith Horton!!

Our very good friends, Jeremy and Michelle Horton welcomed their first child into the world at 4:55pm on Thursday, October 1st. Chloe came out weighing an entire 5 pounds and 13 ounces!!! She is HUGE!!! Not.:) She is 19 1/2 inches long and as her dad puts it, "is all feet." She is absolutely beautiful and so so tiny. I was at the hospital with them from 9am until 10pm that night. The labor went so well and Michelle did great. Chloe though, contracted viral meningitis on her way out and was placed in the NICU on antibiotics the day after she was born. She is doing so much better and is looking at a discharge from the hospital this Friday, the 9th. She could probably leave earlier, but the antibiotics have to run 7 days and so that extended their stay. Michelle and Jeremy are doing well. They are tired and are definitely on an emotional rollercoaster but they have a ton of people who love them and are praying for them and Chloe. Congratulations! We love you guys so much and can't wait to love on Chloe!!!

Saturday, October 3, 2009

Lakeside Dinner

There is a small lake near our house that I discovered this summer. I have been wanting to take a picnic dinner with Eric there ever since he got home but the weather cooled down and we went to VA so I never got around to it. Finally, this past week, I had made whole wheat pasta salad with all sorts of vegetables and so we packed it up and took it for dinner. We camped out on the Redskins blanket, but only stayed about 45 minutes the it was a crazy windy day.
It was fun to do something different for dinner. We ended up going to Braum's later for icecream - go figure. We eaten that and homemade popcorn almost every night since he's gotten home. Its crazy that in about a week and a half, he will have been home a whole month! I feel like he just got back!!!