Friday, February 5, 2010

I LOVE lighting. I HATE one big overhead light, but prefer multiple lamps on to give a warmth rather than a starkness. The ceilings in our living room are about 11 feet tall, and so when you flip on the ceiling fan, it just doesn't feel warm! So, I have 4 lamps that I have scattered through the room so I don't have to use the ceiling fan.:) But below are some beautiful lighting fixture, mostly just pendants and chandeliers because I'm looking for a pendant over my kitchen sink and a chandelier (definitely not as fancy as these are - they are just so pretty I had to show them to you) for the office.
These three pendent lights are off of Pottery Barn. I love simplicity and the rustic/factory feel these have. Retro, but up to date.

Hahaha this chandelier I saw on and just had to share it with you cause it's so outrageous! In Paris, the hotel in Vegas, they have one of these but its like 15 feet long!:) Kinda ridiculous, but if anyone could pull this off, Vegas could.
I love the shade over chandelier kind. Its just says effortless glam to me. This one is off of Overstock as well.
As is this one. I love crystals and black together - so chic.
This lighting fixture is way awesome - its from Pottery Barn. One of my girlfriends has it - Blogging with Taylor, in her living room and its so neat! She is a graphic designer about to graduate and has impeccable decorating taste. I fell in love with it the first time she showed it to me.
This chandelier is from Overstock, for $185 whereas the one below is from Pottery Barn - for $300. And if you look at them closely, I'm pretty sure they are the exact same kind. Overstock is a great way to compare prices and see if what you want can be bought for MUCH less.


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Sydney McFearless said...

You have the greatest eye for decoration, lines, clothing, and bargains! You're amazing!