Tuesday, June 23, 2009

"What's up? Your cholestrol, fatty!"

Before you think I'm the worst wife to post these pictures with that title, you have to understand that Eric and I say this quote to each other at least every other day. It's from Liar Liar and it always makes us laugh, no matter the context. Eric was able to go off base and hang out in the city for a day and for dinner they ended up at Fuddruckers, for the 1 lb challenge. No he didn't win anything for eating a disgustingly large amount of ground up cow, except for a nice stomach ache and some good pictures.:)
The hamburger on the left is Eric's - 1 lb. And the one on the right is 1/3 of a pound. So crazy. I wouldn't even be able to eat a 1/3 of a pound and here it looks minuscule.
And away he goes. The size of Eric's mouth has been a point of fascination for our friends here in Oklahoma from time to time. And obviously here, he is NO where near putting the entire burger in his mouth. Its HUGE!
Of course.... he owned it. Or should I say powned it?

Monday, June 22, 2009

Good luck Mia Hamm

You better believe it. Soccer with pink socks. I just joined a co-ed indoor soccer league and we had our first game this past Saturday. This picture is the first time I've touched a soccer ball in almost 5 years. That's crazy. After playing for 10 years... it was definitely time to revisit the old days of sliced oranges, bruised knees and bloody noses (thats right, things can get pretty agressive) I didn't have any of my old gear, and so I went to a Play-It-Again sports and got all of it for $20! I am not a pink athletic gear kind of person at ALL - but for the sake of trying not to take the league too seriously and with my friend Michelle's voice in my head saying "Pink athletic gear is just SO fun!" I went ahead and got them. As I was juggling the ball around in the shop, one of the dudes that worked there walked past and said, "Reliving the glory days huh?" I was like "Dang it! That obvious huh?" And then as I was checking out, he was like, "Well, good luck Mia Hamm." HAHA... totally felt like a teenager then. We tied 7-7 and it was fun even though I am completely out of shape and totally sore 2 days later. Gotta start running again....

Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I miss you

Rachel is gone. She left yesterday. My mom is here and that helps, but having Rachel here for the past month was absolutely amazing. We had so much fun just living together. We laughed so much, goofed off, stayed up late, made delicious meals & fun drinks, sat outside on the patio talking till way late sharing our fears and excitments in life. It was such a precious time for me. She arrived 3 days after Eric left and it made this first month go so fast. She helped me work through some difficult things that I was dealing with, letting me cry and just be me. I love you Rachel. Thank you for giving me a month of your summer and pouring your life into mine. You were a bit of Jesus and helped me on my feet in so many ways. I miss you like crazy and my heart hurts so bad not having you here. You are so so precious to me. I love you.

Sunday, June 14, 2009

Saving the world, one load of laundry at a time.

I made a clothesline!!! I'm pretty stoked about it to say the least. Which is hilarious that I'm even remotely excited or that I decided to start this method of drying clothes because as a child, I considered this to be the WORST chore in the world! I hated, no loathed, hanging clothes with the passion of a thousand burning suns. Yeah, intense. Who wants to go out in the heat and humidity, with bugs swarming around you as you try to attach articles of clothing to a rope when you could stay in your air conditioned house and throw them into a machine that does it all for you? Clearly I wasn't paying the bills. And now that I am, we are hanging clothes. Yesterday was the first load of laundry I placed on the line, with my mom and sister present to watch it happen. It was actually pretty theraputic! It was like visiting childhood, regardless that it was a horrible experience growing up. We'll see how long this lasts....

Thursday, June 11, 2009

Happy 3 years!

What an amazing the last three years have been for Eric and I. The Lord has taken us through SO much with moving, leaving family, starting life over in FL and then in OK. Being apart for the first 10 months out our first 1 1/2 years together, now a deployment and so many ups and downs in between. God has been SO good to us. We feel incredibly blessed to have the life that we do - totally spoiled in our opinion. I look back at these years and am literally blown away as to how the Lord picked the most perfect person in the world for me. Eric makes me laugh more, take life way less seriously, enjoy all things, find the good in everything and just plain make me a better person. I have changed so much for the better because of him.
Eric - I love you to pieces. Even as we spend this anniversay apart, I feel so loved by you. You are more precious to me then any other and I feel like the luckiest girl being your wife. Thank you for being my buddy, my best friend, my soulmate, the hottest guy in the world;) and just plain amazing. I love you to the moon and back, and back again. Thank you for serving me and our country right now. I couldn't not be more proud of you and convinced the Lord has us right where He wants us. He has been so glorified already in our time apart. Thank you for loving me, committing your life to me and making me your #1, no matter what. PPPP!!!

Saturday, June 6, 2009

A pure Oklahoma experience

I mean, you gotta go horsebacking riding at least once if you're in Oklahoma. I dont know why... it just seems like the thing to do. So Rachel and I went trail riding - it was SO fun. My horses name was Smoky, which didn't make anysense in my opinion, and Rachel's horse was BJ, which made me really laugh since she just got through a really rough semester with a professor named BJ. Bad memories, but a good horse. He is raring to go as you can see above. Quite the handfull.
The whole thing was quite an experience. The guy that runs the place is hilariously weird. Super thick hick accent and within 2 minutes of being there is picking on Rachel. He stared at us and said,"Ya'll sisters?
Rachel: "Yep, we are."
Funny stable man: "One wit blue eyes, one wit brown eyes. Uh. Well, ya know what having brown eyes mean, dotcha?"
Rachel, "Uhhh, nooo. What does it mean?"
Funny stable man: "Means ya full of s--t"
Rachel: "Ohhhh."
We were like, WHAT? haha... anyway, it was fun to do together. Neither of us had been in a long time so it was fun to learn all over again.
Ridin' cowboys! We look like experts don't we?And then to top the evening off, we of course had to go to Waffle House. Believe it or not, I had never been to a Waffle House. It was 9pm before the ride was over, so we went and got ourselves some waffles and nasty cheesy grits.
This is Tom & Joe - the Founders. We thought it was important to document that they are the creators of this greasy, waffle-bearing diner.

Rachel got cheesy grits. They were the grossest thing I think I have ever seen. First of all, the arrive swimming in yellow liquid, butter, oil, I dont know. Disgustingness is what I think it is. And then, the cheese is not shredded cheese that is already mixed up into the grits. No. Its a piece of synthetic Kraft Singles Cheese, just laying on top and you get to mix it all up yourself. GROSS! She ate it all.
The waffle I must say is really yummy. Extra butter and warm syrup is perfect for a 9:30pm snack. Needless to say, it was a great day.