Saturday, May 30, 2009


So I'm was going through my t-shirts the other day cause I want to make a t-shirt blanket since I never wear them anymore, but they have so many memories tied to them! The one above is from Japan and their version of English. I got this when I was over helping Sarah teach English with a church. They love to just write anything on anything and it doesn't make any sense! "Beans from Health, - enjoying doing this beans" Hahaha... that was so fun
This t-shirt is from my college Biblestudy. We loved each other and self proclaimed ourselves "The Few, The Proud" We were pretty proud to be us, haha. It was a surprise to our Biblestudy leader, Lindsay because on the front we had "MLB's Biblestudy" - aka Momma Lindsay Brown's Biblestudy.
And then this one, haha, was when Sam and I met each other at JMU and hit it off. We decided to make t-shirts for each other, because clearly everyone else needed to know why we loved each other. The front said, "Sam and Anna's Top 10" and these things were all things we either had in common or loved together. Gosh, this is making miss college! What was the slavemaster again?... gonna have to ask her about that.

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