Friday, May 15, 2009


These are my Biblestudy girls, with one missing, Carol. Starting from the back on the left handside, is Sarah, Alex (both freshman) and then Lauren (soph.) On my side starting from the back is Courtney (freshman) me, Laura (freshman) and Sarah (sophomore) These girls are incredible. I have only had them for 1 semester and we have grown so close already. They are SO much fun, love being together and are constantly growing in the Lord. We just completed Breaking Free by Beth Moore, which was so great. I did it my junion year of college and felt like it could apply very well to these girls lives. I love being with them and was so sad for them to leave for summer break.This is Carol. She went to a school in Oklahoma City for the dance program, but during this past spring, the Lord led her to drop out of the dance program and transfer to OU! We are so excited she will be with us on campus in the fall.
Lauren, Alex and Sarah. Lauren is a RA on campus and does a great job. She is spending her summer in Spain - so fun! Alex is our pagent queen. She has the crown of Miss Oakcliff, a district in Texas and is running for Miss Texas this summer! We all want her to win so bad, but at the same time it would mean her not coming back to OU. Sarah is my only Greek girl, which is pretty impressive considering OU has an extremely strong Greek presence. She is so sweet.
Courtney, me, Laura and Sarah. Courtney is so fun, so quirky and so easy to talk to. She is in the Visual Arts Program and is spending her summer hanging out with Jr. High kids are her church. She has such a great heart to love on those kids. Laura is my talker. She always has a story and they are always so interesting! She is spending her summer in Denver, helping to take care of a really good friend that broke his neck while snowboarding on spring break. And Sarah, last but not least, is a RA as well - she is so so fun. She is a photography major and I want her to take all kinds of pics for me and Eric. She is amazing at it I love these girls so much. They have become so much apart of my world. I love what each of them brings to the group and how they have grown to love and take care of each other in only a short couple months. I am SO looking forward to when they return in the fall.

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