Thursday, May 14, 2009

First night alone... and what do I get?

I couldn't help but literally laugh and laugh lastnight when I'm home alone, first night without Eric, and the sirens go off. I knew we were going to have a bad storm, not a tornado! When those siren go off, it means there's one thats been spotted and its coming our way. After a friend called and told me to look at the news, I flip on the TV and the very first thing I hear is, "Well, right now, its directly below I-240 and I-35, right on 89th and Eastern." Um, THATS OUR NEIGHBORHOOD! Haha... I just started laughing. Because the thing they tell you over and over, is that the weather, appliances, cars all have sensors for when spouses deploy, and then they immediately start breaking. I couldn't help but laugh! My sweet neighbor came over a couple minutes after that, getting completley soaked in the meantime, and asked if I wanted to come over and hang out in the storm shelter until it passed. The above picture is some of the lightening that was lighting up the sky, and below, is me in our neighbor storm shelter, hanging out with the neighbors and their kids. They are so sweet.
And the adventures begin....

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kaely said...

oh man... that is hilarious! keep a journal of this first deployment cause this stuff will keep on coming... my adventures got me a AAA membership. i'm praying for you!!!