Monday, May 18, 2009

Margaritas and Sisters

Rachel is here! She arrived Saturday evening and it is so fun already. I absolutely love living with her and cannot believe she'll be here for a full month. We have already started traditions, number one, Margarita Sundays.:) We have all kinds of plans of going to the pool when it opens, working out as often as we can, going to free outdoor summer concerts and just enjoying life together. She has been able to get a job nannying for a family here for 3 days a week and will probably pick up some shifts at Red Robin. I love! I wish she was here all summer.


Chase and Julie said...

when can I come over and hang out with you guys?

Sarah Cole said...

i wish i was there!!!

Jennie said...

That's so funny--my sister and I (and Daniel) used to have margaritas and nachos together every Sunday night!