Saturday, June 6, 2009

A pure Oklahoma experience

I mean, you gotta go horsebacking riding at least once if you're in Oklahoma. I dont know why... it just seems like the thing to do. So Rachel and I went trail riding - it was SO fun. My horses name was Smoky, which didn't make anysense in my opinion, and Rachel's horse was BJ, which made me really laugh since she just got through a really rough semester with a professor named BJ. Bad memories, but a good horse. He is raring to go as you can see above. Quite the handfull.
The whole thing was quite an experience. The guy that runs the place is hilariously weird. Super thick hick accent and within 2 minutes of being there is picking on Rachel. He stared at us and said,"Ya'll sisters?
Rachel: "Yep, we are."
Funny stable man: "One wit blue eyes, one wit brown eyes. Uh. Well, ya know what having brown eyes mean, dotcha?"
Rachel, "Uhhh, nooo. What does it mean?"
Funny stable man: "Means ya full of s--t"
Rachel: "Ohhhh."
We were like, WHAT? haha... anyway, it was fun to do together. Neither of us had been in a long time so it was fun to learn all over again.
Ridin' cowboys! We look like experts don't we?And then to top the evening off, we of course had to go to Waffle House. Believe it or not, I had never been to a Waffle House. It was 9pm before the ride was over, so we went and got ourselves some waffles and nasty cheesy grits.
This is Tom & Joe - the Founders. We thought it was important to document that they are the creators of this greasy, waffle-bearing diner.

Rachel got cheesy grits. They were the grossest thing I think I have ever seen. First of all, the arrive swimming in yellow liquid, butter, oil, I dont know. Disgustingness is what I think it is. And then, the cheese is not shredded cheese that is already mixed up into the grits. No. Its a piece of synthetic Kraft Singles Cheese, just laying on top and you get to mix it all up yourself. GROSS! She ate it all.
The waffle I must say is really yummy. Extra butter and warm syrup is perfect for a 9:30pm snack. Needless to say, it was a great day.


Rachel said...

lies, all lies!! i did not eat all if them and you neglected to mention that this is a ONCE A YEAR event in my life.. my arteries couldn't take it any more often. thanks for making me look/feel like a fatty!!

kaely said...

so fun!!! you girls are so blessed to get so much time together- hope i can come join the fun soon :)