Saturday, January 30, 2010

I think white is dreamy

Some may not think so, but I'm OBSESSED. I have loved white for FOREVVVVVER. Always in clothing, and from afar, in decorating. I thought that people would think white on white was boring, and that even though I loved it so, I couldn't pull it off and that my house would look like a hospital or blank canvas with no personality. Everyone always seem to say "Color! Color!" "What color are you going to paint?" "What color are you going to buy that in?" And I have always read that you should decorate your house the way you dress, because its what you naturally gravitate towards - so if we are talking my closet, and you're talking about style, my closet says comfortable, a little prepp, more boho, a little traditional, and a little rocker/edgy every once in a while... not super helpful huh? I'm a little bit of everything! Ahhh, you see why this has been so hard for me? Are you feeling sorry for me yet?;)

The nice thing, is my closet doesn't have to have cohesion. But - my house does. My kitchen, dining area, and living room all flow together. And if I decorated with the colors I tend to dress in, our choices would be black, gray and white. I gravitate towards those three colors over and over. So, we don't have much to work in that department, do we?

So I just started looking at whites. White dining rooms, kitchens, living rooms, bathrooms and I have fallen absolutely in love. I can do it! I can have my white and not feel sterile. (Although having a Rotteweiler will not help the keeping things clean in a white house thing.) So I wanted to share with you some photos that I love and have inspired me in my journey with white.

I LOVE this kitchen. Especially the white tile as not on the back splash but the entire wall!
This living room is a little too shabby chic for me, but I just love all the textures and different shades of white. (Another obsession of mine are chandeliers and mirrors - and this room has both - total win.)
This nursey, SO PRECIOUS! I want to do something similar for my baby girl or boy - white is so versatile! Its not gender specific and feels so clean and fresh.
Another living room - a little more modern with some glam, definitely more my style.
This living room is HOT. A little too modern for my home, but I still love it! The floating stairs are awesome and I love the clean lines of the sofas along with the accents of a lot of black and gray. This is my closet in a room!!!:)
I have ALWAYS had a thing for canopy beds. I just find them so romantic and dreamy. But they can often feel, Victorian or country, but if done right (in white, in my opinion.:) it can be so perfect.
Again, another canopy dreamy bed. Man, I've used dreamy a lot - but white just IS!
I love this light fixture - its from Ikea. I love the moderness in it, but its shells, so it has a shabby chic, beachy, not so stuffy feel to it. I LOVE WHITE!!!:) What colors do you love? What colors just tend to pop up in your homes and apartments?

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Sam said...

I think how people get away with all white is by using a lot of textures and maybe tiny pops of color here and there. I like the kitchen. The nursery was cute (I love the wardrobe). Another thing were talking about it looking sterile. It all depends on the "white" you use. There are whites that have the tiniest hint of a color and yet are still considered white. Like the one bedroom looked warmer than the living room, and that's probably because they used a white with a slight beige undertone.