Sunday, January 10, 2010

Ever have a need to cook 18 chicken breasts?

Cause I did. Eric and I are going to Colorado on Tuesday with the college group we do ministry with. And I'm the cook for 28 people while we are there. So this is my preparation for the Santa Fe soup I am making for one of the dinners. I figured it would be easier to prep here than do it in some condo with who knows what kind of dishes and utensils.
I like chicken... but this is just gross in my opinion. I can't take that much cooked animal meat in one sitting. Ugh.
Lasagna's for one night! It'll be an easy night of cooking - which I'll probably do on Tuesday (my birthday) so I can hit the slopes and not have to come back too early to start dinner.
LOTS of canned beans, rotel, stewed tomatoes, corn - all for the soup. My budget is $540, but I think I'm going to be waaaay under, which will make Jeremy happy.:)


Sam said...

Ummm...I thought your birthday was Wednesday the 13th...

ack- said...

No...but for Greg's promotion to Major, we had a brunch reception following and I made (ahead of time) egg casseroles for the masses. All those cracked eggs just about did me in!!!! EWWWWW!

Have fun skiing and happy birthday - ack