Thursday, January 28, 2010

Ugggghhhh I want it baaaaack

I am absolutely DYING to have my long hair back. WHY IN THE WORLD DID I CUT IT ALL OFF???? Oh yeah... I donated it. And it was worth it. Seriously. To be able to give someone hair, real hair, to make them feel more like a person again is really really cool. To help make anyone feel more feminine, pretty or just plain normal is a really special thing. I would totally suggest you do it - at least once in your life.

But all that aside, I reeeeallllly want it long again. I hacked it all off almost one year ago. And its slowly coming around. And when I say coming around, I mean growing. These two pictures of Sienna Miller (can we just talk about the fact that I have loved the name Sienna for so stinkin' long, but there is no way under heavens that I could ever name a child that now, since there is a well known actress with that name, followed closely with the last name of MILLER. Dreams dashed of ever having a daughter named Sienna. Awesome.) and Jennifer Aniston are ones I've had saved on my computer ever since I lost 13 inches last March. I'm dying for summer golden highlights and long layers. God was so smart when He made our hair grow back. He knew I couldn't take permanent change.

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