Thursday, January 28, 2010

Ski trip, birthday, brother came to Oklahoma

I love being on top of a mountain with Eric. It's so freeing, like nothing is holding us back. I completely forget everything. There are no thoughts of the future or past, just thoughts of the present.
Elizabeth and Laura. They are both complete joys and tons of fun. And good ski/snowboarding partners.

The town of Crested Butte, CO is below. It was an adorable little town with tons of coffee shops, vintage stores and restaurants.

Darby and Laura helping me prepare dinner on my birthday.:) They were wonderful.
Lots of garlic bread. I mean, when you're feeding 28 people...
Making sure everything is just fiiiine.
Paper products. Lots of paper products.
All the people to feeeeeeeed.
My birthday cake! Made by the lovely Sarah and Laura and recreated by Darby.:)

Happy birthday to meeee!
Cats leave paw prints on our hearts. I mean seriously, the BEST sweatshirt ever.

Out to dinner in town the last night.

John and Steve being goofy.:) They make me so happy.
John surprised me and came out to go boarding. I freaked when I saw him.:) It was the best birthday present EVER.


Rocky Mountain Chocolate Factory. I could eat it all.

Love you Laura Gassaway. One of my Bstudy girls.

Lots of Catch Phase. It got intense sometimes but was so fun!

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