Monday, January 4, 2010


We've been playing this a lot lately. Christmas in Virginia brought plenty of Settlers lovers at my parents house with my siblings and then also with Eric's brother and sister-in-law. We have dear friends staying with us right now that are some of our first Settlers friends. It sounds so... cultish, doesn't it? Kinda is. You're either in the Settlers of Catan Club.... or not.

We played until 1am lastnight with Julie and Chase. And of course left the board up so we could play again tonight. That is if Julie and Chase ever get home from their dinner....

I have a love/hate relationship with Settlers. It can be a very frustrating game, or very invigorating. The entire nature of the game has EVERYTHING to do with what the dice decide to roll - naturally, that being pretty unpredictable. So, you can have the best numbers and the dice are your best friends, or it may not just be your day.
But it makes me happy. It reminds me of friends. I love looking at the inside box top where the winner of every game puts their name and the date so we can remember when and with whom we've played. It's filled with family and friends from California, Virginia, Oklahoma, Florida, Pennsylvania, Ohio, Canada and more. I love it.


Sydney McFearless said...

Hmm, see, I Loooove playing games with friends (but I'm horrible at poker [remembering the rules]), but I've never heard of this one. I'm intrigued -- looks like a cross between Chinese Checkers, Monopoly, and Oregon Trail. I got Cranium to play on NYE and that was fun but you have to have a group of willing participants, otherwise it goes sour. Just as with any game, I suppose. Now I'm just playing the Wii Fit game as much as possible!!!!

Anonymous said...

Matt and I just discovered this game - love it! And I love your idea of writing the winners names in the box... I'll be stealing that from you :)


Our Family said...

This is my favorite game!!

pink coffee photoart said...

thanks for linking to my blog! i was looking at my stats today (yes, i'm a nerd) and saw some hits from this I had to check it out. :)

i've never even heard of that game, but it looks soooo fun! i need to get out more-ha!

ps-LOVE your header picture!