Wednesday, September 2, 2009

We call ourselves, The "I LOVE US!" Clan

So, I know I wrote about these ladies last semester, but here they are again. They're too important to not mention again! These beautiful women who are in my Biblestudy, have become so much apart of my world and I can't imagine it before I knew them! They are SO fun, SO precious and have become very good friends. In the back from left to right is: Carol, Laura, Courtney and me. And then in the front is Alex, Lauren, and Sarah. Ahhhh, I LOVE THEM! This is the I LOVE US Biblestudy haha. I'm not sure how we got our self-proclaimed name, I think it was from a subject I wrote in an email to them once, but we most certainly do. Not quite sure what I'm so excited about here, but I'm sure it has something to do with hanging out with all of them. Lastnight was our first Biblestudy and Laura made us all dinner since we meet at her apartment in Norman. It was so sweet of her and absolutely delicious. This is my goofy and extremely flexible Carol. We were all hanging out and all of a sudden we realize that Carol is in a human knot on the floor - she's so random and we are never bored of the things she does or says! She is a ton of fun and only an example of how crazy fun all of these girls are.
Eating dinner! I am trying to spend as much time with them as I can before Eric comes home (9 days!!!!) and am loving every minute of it. I could hang out with them allll the time. Seriously, I'd quit my job tomorrow. Thank you Jesus for blessing me so sweetly with such beautiful friendships.

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Chase and Julie said...

anna. you are pretty amazing. i love you friend!