Tuesday, September 29, 2009

25 Things about Me

This was a note that got passed around Facebook about 8 or 9 months ago. I filled it out and just read it again the other day and so I figured I'd share it with you. I have a bad memory and sometime forget all my quirkiness haha... Enjoy!

1. My husband's hand is as big as my foot. I don't know if that means my feet are big and his hands are small or if my feet are small and his hands are big.
2. I love being known. Having history with someone is invaluable to me.
3. S'mores are my most favorite dessert of all time. I could eat one every day.
4. My first baby doll was black. I picked her out myself.
5. I have received diamonds on 3 separate occasions from my husband: at our engagement, on our wedding night, and on the day he returned from deployment. But my favorite gift of ALL was when he taught himself to like coffee for me even though he found it absolutely loathsome. (Well the diamond from our engagement is pretty special to me.:) But just cause it signifies that I got to marry my best friend.)
6. I'm obsessed with the letter P, don't ask me why cause if I told you why, I'd have to kill you.
7. If I had the patience, I would shop only at thrift stores.
8. My 2010 new years resolution is to shop ONLY in thrift stores, flea markets and garage sales. Everything I buy must be recycled in some way.
9. I'm not very funny, but I thoroughly enjoy laughing.
10. I have a outie belly button and have this intense fear that it is going to pop out BIG time when I'm pregnant and look really weird.
11. I often cry when I think about my family. Out of complete amazement of who they are and what they mean to me. They are my favorite people in the whole world.
12. My vision is so bad that I'm considered legally blind.
13. I love friends who take initiative in pursuing me. I'm normally the one who does, so its refreshing when someone else does.
14. When I eat Oreo's, I scrape the out icing between the cookies. I only eat the cookie. So if you're an icing lover, I'm your girl.
15. I absolutely love wearing a shirt to bed and then incorporating it into my outfit the next day. It makes me feel in a small way that I never got out of bed.
16. I was proposed to while playing Catch Phrase in front of 60 of my friends. If you haven't heard the story, you should ask me. Its a good one.
17. I really don't do well with change.
18. I married a man in the military.
19. Eric and I have a tradition of making whole wheat banana pancakes (don't judge until you're tried them - they're AMAZING) every Saturday morning. It was probably one of the things I missed the most while he was deployed.
20. The first time I farted in front of Eric, it was literally IN his face. We were at the gym and he was holding down my feet while I did sit-ups. Yeah. That's right. DIRECTLY in his face. FAN-tastic.
21. I am very impatient and its the thing that scares me most about myself. No one can be a good mother and be impatient.
22. (Stick with me on this one - its worth it) I idolized Nadia Comaneci (she's the first gymnast to get a perfect score in the Olympics) as a child. And in the movie done on her life, she goes through of time of depression and tries to commit suicide by slitting her wrists. My parents edited that part out of the movie. So, I ignorantly walked around the neighborhood, imitating Nadia by wrapping toilet paper around my wrists blotted with red marker on my "bandages" from what I thought were gymnast injuries. I feel that was something my Mom should have stopped me from doing.
23. I read magazines from back to front. Don't ask me why. I have no idea.
24. I burp a lot. I mean, ALOT.
25. I am continually astonished at the fact that the King of the Universe and Savior of the world cares enough to know all these random facts about me, sees the depth of my dirty heart and still loves and pursues me as His beloved child.

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whitneywills said...

Scary...I too eat only the cookie part of the Oreo. I like to ball up the icing and play with it afterwards..Weird, I know. Oh, and I am all about the back to front magazine reading!!!