Sunday, September 6, 2009

Race Day!!

This past Saturday, I ran my first race!!! It was so fun! Way more fun then I expected. I mean, sorry if I offend anyone, but getting up at 6:30 to run a 5k just isn't my idea of fun, but I was pleasantly surprised. I ran with a good friend of mine, Kelly, who I met working at Republic Bank last year, and two of my Biblestudy girls, Alex and Laura. My time was 29:44 - which isn't too amazing, but not too shabby either. I was nervous about my knee hurting because I've been having problems with it as I've been running, but we had no problems on the day of the race.
This is Kelly. She is awesome and ran with me despite the fact that she had run 16 miles the previous day for her training for the Chicago Marathon! She's a beast!
Being goofy with Laura and Alex. I don't really think I understood Kelly when she said to strike a running pose haha... I just look silly.
Love them! It was so fun to do together!!

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