Thursday, September 24, 2009

Home for a hot second... or a few days

Less then one week after Eric got home from the desert, we were on a plane to Virginia. His sister Sam got married and we went to join in on the celebration. But prior to going to Madison, we went to Harrisonburg, the town of our beloved JMU. Ahhh it was so good to be back. We got see some of our BEST friends, Brandon and Lindsay Spurlock.;) They are on staff with Campus Crusade at JMU and we had the privilege of talking to the students the evening we were there about what its like to be in the real world and follow Jesus. It was such a fun time and made us really excited to go back in October. The above picture is of us at our favorite bagel shop of all time - Mr. J's and the one below is the sign that was in Brandon and Lindsay's guest bedroom waiting for our arrival.:) Love her TONS. So much that I look like I'm smothering her and she's trying to get away haha.
Eric with his best buddy Brandon. It was so fun seeing them together - I feel like whenever we see the Spurlocks, its either me or Eric but never at the same time.Got to see Rachel - it pretty much made the entire trip for me. I miss her like crazy.

I'm a horrible sister-in-law and didn't get ONE picture of the bride! The whole reason we came to Virginia was to go to Sam's wedding. It was an absolutely gorgeous day, perfect VA weather. This is me and my Stud lookin' fiiiine.
Isn't complete without a self-portrait.
The Miller Misfits. There are all the girls who have married into the Miller family, or will soon be joining us. From Left to right: Ann, Steve's fiancee of 2 weeks, Danielle, Chris' wife, me and then Katie, Jimmy's fiancee. They are lots of fun and keep me sane when the Miller boys get too loud and start trying to talk over eachother.:)
This is our niece, Emily - Chris and Danielle's little girl. She is so precious!!! She was a flower girl in the wedding and she was the only one that made it all the way down the aisle, and she was the youngest! It was so fun interacting with her.
The flowers Mom put by our bed when we spent our lastnight at their house. I love that. She is so thoughtful and reminds me of growing up. We have always had zinnia's around the house and she is so good about picking them and putting them in cute little vases for us to enjoy.


Sarah Cole said...

girl, have you been tanning?? lookin' good.:)

Anonymous said...

We're so glad you were here and we LOVE the "Miller Misfits"pic.

Taylor said...

I really love your dress that you wore to the wedding!