Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Java Heaven

Who would have known how much a cup of coffee would mean to me one day? Its just part of my everyday routine, not this deep moment I experience every morning. Until this past Saturday morning. Eric came home from the desert with the best surprise EVER.
You see, if you know Eric at all, you probably know that he absolutely despised, no LOATHED, coffee. Everything about it was completely repulsive to him. He has told me on more then one occasion that my morning breath is much better then my coffee breath haha. In the 3 1/2 years we've been married, I have mentioned from time to time how great it would be to have coffee in the mornings together, or over desert when we are out to eat. Anyway, while he was in the desert, he decided, out of a desire to love and serve me, to train himself to like coffee. He kept a journal, writing in it every time he drank had a cup, so he could document his journey so I could see and hear his heart through the process. He drank the cafeteria coffee BLACK, which in my head is absolutely disgusting. He said it was pretty bad, but he felt like if he could drink that, he could drink anything.
I sat at the kitchen table with him and read the journal out loud that Saturday morning, and just cried. His love and devotion to me, that he was willing to love me through a silly cup of coffee even when it was so gross to him, was so precious and blessed me more then I thought possible. Eric proves time and time again that his happiness is truly contingent upon my own. He loves so selflessly and with no reserve that I am continually amazed at the Lord's goodness over my life for giving me a husband that I truly don't deserve.
Making coffee for two. It was so fun!!!
Taking his first sip in our home that he didn't completely hate. He says he actually likes it, not just endures it.:) I am so blessed to have a husband that one, loves me so much that he'll do anything for me, and two, to have a husband that is HOME. It is amazing having him back.

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A Homemaker's Heart said...

This is a beautiful lil' story and it shows what a wonderful husband God gave you!

It makes me smile because I hated coffee for most of my adult life, I grew up drinking tea and very English tea at that... practically half tea half milk.

Last fall I tried coffee again as I had done so many times to join in Tim's love of it... and I actually liked it! Now I drink a cup everyday with him or if I sleep in a bit I make the leftover into an iced coffee.

Only decaf for this old lady though!

I loved, loved, LOVED chatting with you on the phone and I hope we can again sometime soon.