Monday, September 28, 2009

My Stud of a Brother

This is my absolutely amazing stud of a brother. He's front and center holding the Virginia Tech flag and this is his unit. They call themselves the Six Pack.:) I LOVE IT! I am so proud of him for sticking it out these past couple weeks as he has endured his "freshman" year as a corps cadet. Its been rough - but he has persevered.
This is him and his buddies at the VT vs. Nebraska game. They march onto the field at every home game and man do they look sharp. I've only seen pictures, and I'm DYING to see him in person. Being a military wife makes this whole thing so much more meaningful. Seeing him in uniform is so precious to me, because I feel like he is apart of my world that much more. And I think he is so stinkin' handsome too. Definitely the best looking cadet that I've ever seen.;)
And this pic is just cause I miss him and love him so much. This was when he came out to Oklahoma for the College Life Ski Trip back in March and it was such an amazing time. I loved having time to just sit and talk and share life with him. I admire and look up to him more then any man apart from my husband. He is an example to me time and time again of a humble surrendered servant of Jesus Christ. He loves the Cross and all that it means and regardless of the tough times, seeks to cling to his Savior. John, I love you with all my heart and every time you come to mind, my heart aches. Partly out of the love and adoration I have of you and I never know how to express it adequately, and partly because I miss you so much and wish I could take the hardship and pain you have experienced lately. I know the Jesus holds you in His hand and you have to believe that you are FULLY loved, FULLY accepted, and FULLY pleasing to your Heavenly Father. He couldn't not love you anymore then He does in this moment. Nothing you can do or not do will ever change that. I love you Brother. Thank you for being a little bit of Jesus to me.

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Sherrill said...

A man to be proud of that John Kewley; and oh how he's loved! Nothing can separate him from the love of God.