Sunday, August 30, 2009

College Life Leadership Retreat

College Life has kicked off with the beginning of a new semester, and man, is it AMAZING!!! God has put such a fire in both Eric and my hearts for this year and the big things the Lord has in store, but even beyond that, He has built up a student body of leaders who have stepped up to lead this movement. They have become some of my dear friends, several which are in the Biblestudy I lead and I have been able to watch them grow and lead. It's so humbling to watch!!! These pictures are from this past weekend when we took our Leadership Team on a retreat to Southlake, TX. We had a great time planning, brainstorming, sharing and playing together. The CL Leadership Girls. They are awesome!
Courtney and Lauren, two of my Biblestudy girls.
Carol, Lauren, Jenna and Tyson. Ready to kick the morning off with some prayer and planning.
Jeremy sharing with us. We did a little guesstimation and figure that there are 15,700 students are not plugged into some sort of church or student ministry. So the push for us is to find those students! We're gonna go get 'm!!:)

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