Saturday, October 3, 2009

Lakeside Dinner

There is a small lake near our house that I discovered this summer. I have been wanting to take a picnic dinner with Eric there ever since he got home but the weather cooled down and we went to VA so I never got around to it. Finally, this past week, I had made whole wheat pasta salad with all sorts of vegetables and so we packed it up and took it for dinner. We camped out on the Redskins blanket, but only stayed about 45 minutes the it was a crazy windy day.
It was fun to do something different for dinner. We ended up going to Braum's later for icecream - go figure. We eaten that and homemade popcorn almost every night since he's gotten home. Its crazy that in about a week and a half, he will have been home a whole month! I feel like he just got back!!!

1 comment:

Samantha Ballard said...

okay I have 2 comments...

1. I like the blanket ;) whoever made it is really pretty haha

2. Isn't that Anna's shirt that Eric is wearing?