Saturday, July 25, 2009

She's home!

This is Lacey Click. She is a dear dear friend here in Oklahoma and this picture is from the very first night we met 2 years ago. She and her husband, Stephen, just spent 13 months in India, with the campus ministry they are on staff with, Student Mobilization, aka StuMo. Eric and I hit it off with them right when we joined Wildwood, and would spend hours talking about ministry, marriage and life. It was hard to see them leave last June, but we knew they would be back. And today was the first time I've gotten to see Lace since last year. It was such a sweet time of talking and catching up, even though it only lasted a little less then 2 hours. Eric and I had a lot of their stuff stored in our attic while they were gone and today they came to move it out.:( They are moving to Fort Worth, TX to start StuMo on TCU's campus. It's SO exciting, but again, I'm sad they won't be here in Norman with us. Lacey and I weren't able to talk too much while she was in India, but our friendship is still just as strong. She just seems to get me, even with as little time as we've known the Clicks, they are and will remain very very dear friends. Love you Lace.:) It was so much fun to see you today and hear what God is doing in your life. Thanks for being wonderful.

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Stephen and Lacey said...

I love you so much!! Thanks for the welcome home blog!! It is always such a blessing to get to spend time with you- sharing, laughing and just connecting!! You are amazing!!