Sunday, July 12, 2009

New Additions

Welp, got a tattoo. Didn't really plan on doing this while Eric was out and about saving the world. Just happened. But I love it! I asked his permission before I got it done, knowing that he wouldn't care, but very aware that this was a decision I was NOT going to make without consulting him. He and I have a tattoo we want, or should I say, I want, to get together, but this was my own thing. I got it done in Virginia, because Rachel had gotten both of hers at a salon that was totally great. Very clean with a very good reputation. This is me, trying to be all hardcore before I got on the table. He had just laid the print on my skin and I was feeling it out to make sure it was exactly where I wanted it. I mean, once its on... its not coming off.This is Joey, hard at work. It was so stinkin' painful. The ribs, or any place very close to the bone is way more painful then a fatty or more cushy part of the body. It HURT! Rachel went with me and she said, "Lets just say this. It hurts. But, it won't hurt bad enough that you won't want it to stop." Half way through the procedure, with gritted teeth, I just said, "You lie. I want it to stop." Haha... it really wasn't that horrible, she was right.
Not so hardcore anymore haha...
And the finished product, 1 Cor. 2:2 - "For I resolve to know nothing but Jesus Christ and Him crucified" That is my prayer and the only thing I long to be about.

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