Saturday, July 4, 2009

The Motherland

Here are some pics from my visit to Virginia this past week. It was such an amazing time to just hang out with family for 6 days and not feel the pressure of trying to see a bunch of friends and cram it all it at once. It was so fun and I didn't want to leave.SISTERS! We were able to have a Kewley/Blanchard dinner, which is basically just like one big family dinner. We have celebrated Christmas, Thanksgiving and gone on family vacation together with the Blanchards for over 10 years now and they are just like family. It was so fun to have everyone together minus Eric, Levi and John.
This is Phoebe's birthday party in Harrisonburg. This girl is spoiled rotten when it comes to her birthday. She had a party in L.A., then one in Harrisonburg with all her friends, and then we had a family one at my parents house.=) She was a pro at blowing out candles by her 3rd cake.
Thanking her friends for her gifts.:)
Rachel and Steve - miss you!

Phoebe got some shiny lipgloss from me and would not put it down. It was hilarious watching her put it on!
Birthday gifts! Wearing a dress from Nay-Nay, cowgirl boots from Ray-Ray and playing the recorder from Na-Na.
Trying on the floaties Nana got her for the pool.
Happy Birthday #3
SO CUTE - just want to eat you up!
Swimming with Na-Na.
Max-man. Such a cutie! He is such a happy baby!!
Affectionately known by Phoebe as: Nay-Nay, Ray-Ray, and Pee-bee.:)

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