Saturday, July 18, 2009

OBX with the Miller fam

Every other year the Miller family goes on a vaca to the Outer Banks, NC. Its amazing. We have a blast just being together, playing games, eating lots of good food, soak up the sun and spend lots of time in the water. Today, the Millers left for that vacation and it just made me sad that Eric and I weren't there to join them. Eric's family is so fun. We always laugh a lot, eat a lot and make LOTS of noise (The Miller boys really have no concept of volume control, they just try to talk over eachother and its hilarious). This is Tom and Dawn... I love this picture of them. It shows them exactly as they are, happy, loving and full of life. They don't take life to seriously and have a serious committment to their family and to eachother. I have the best parents-in-law.
Settlers. And lots of it. Its amazingness - as you can tell Danielle is laughing her head off and Eric is probably smack talking.
Chris and Danielle - love them. At this point, their daughten Emily was no where in the picture. This year will be her first year at the beach. I'm sure she'll love it.
We do puzzles. Big ones. Attempting to see if you could tell the difference between the ketchups while closing your eyes. Anna, Steve's girlfriend, could totally tell the difference. I'm not a ketchup guru like that.
Always putt-putt. Can't do OBX without a night at the putting range.
Brothers Jimmy and Steve.
Dan and I got the same sweats at Walmart cause we got cold from the AC in our house. I know, pathetic.


PA Millers said...

missed you guys so much! too bad cliches have become so cliche but it REALLY wasn't the same w/ out you.

Dawn said...

It was nice that Eric called while we were at the OBX but it wasn't the same as you guys being there.
Hope the next time we go, you will be with us!