Friday, July 10, 2009


This is is my roommate for the month. Everyone, meet Darby Kelly. She is pretty much the coolest girl ever, loads of fun and loves Jesus a lot. In the video, she was trying to win a bet with Arash, for $10 - didn't happen, but it just goes to show that Darby is up for anything. Anyway, I met her through our church college ministry this past fall. She graduated in December and has led a Biblestudy through College Life for the past 4 years. She is getting married to the guy that is sitting next to her in the video, Wes McFall, totally stellar dude. Her lease on her apartment ran up end of June and so she has moved in for a month or so until she gets married on August 8th. It is so great having her to live with and it cuts down on the amount of alone time I spend at home - something I really dislike. Really all we've done since she's moved in is plan wedding stuff. We'll wake up early, make coffee and sit at the table for a couple hours just running through things that need to get done, timelines, deadlines, and every other little detail that goes into a wedding. Its been such a blessing and joy to have her in our home.

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