Monday, December 7, 2009

Turkey Day!

I know its a little late to be reporting about Thanksgiving, I've been kinda in a funk lately when it comes to blogging. Probably because I've gotten into looking through other peoples blogs and man! there are some amazing ones out there... I feel a little overwhelmed at the followers, pictures, amazing and witty posts that people are able to come up with and here I am, measly little me, updating a blog that really doesn't seem important. Ok, wow, now that I've word vomited on all of you, and thrown a very nice pity party, here are a few pictures of our Thanksgiving Day. Sarah and Scott, who are in our Bible studies (Sarah's in mine and Scott's in Erics if you didn't pick up on that) are dating and weren't going home for the Thanksgiving break and so they joined us! It was so fun preparing food with another girl.:)
Preparing food!!! Sarah and I made all the works: sweet potato casserole, mashed potatoes, fresh green beans, rolls, cranberry sauce (right out of the glorious can) and a 20 lbs. turkey, requested by my gluttonous husband.:) No, he just REALLY likes leftover turkey. We barely made a dent in that thing.
He did many many many dishes that day. He is so good to me. He always does the dishes. And vacuums... and does the laundry. Did you know that this past summer, while he was deployed was the first time I had EVER vacuumed?? Not because I'm gross and I love having dog hair covering my floor, but because he ALWAYS does it! Women who are married, stop drooling and girls who aren't, well, keep praying.
There's the overweight, hopefully not, but probably steroid pumped bird. Yummm.
Ready to eat and Eric decides to take pictures. Not convenient for eating, but definitely for blogging.
Hahahah, Scotts a fatty. Ate so much he couldn't sit in his chair.:)
Reeeeeally amazing apple & blueberry pie that Sarah made. It was so good I think I had 3 pieces that day alone! Lets not talk about the way I singlehandedly WAXED OFF the rest of that thing. So proud... and now I'm paying for it. And the pumpkin pie was good too.:) Eric made it.
ROCK BAND!!! Can't complete the day with out some serious rocking out. Which is what we did. I tried to burn some of the calories by jumping up and down on the sofa as I say "Creep" belting out as loud as my lunges would allow since they were being completely squished by my bulging stomach.


PA Millers said...

just so you know-i follow your blog and really love keeping up w/ it. i had mentioned to chris it would be fun to do a family blog (that all of us can update but it be shared). anyhoo, i don't have the courage to do one myself and figure flickr is sort of a picture blog but i do enjoy reading others. anyhoo, we like seeing what you and eric are up to and it's a nice way of feeling closer to you when we are so far away.

whitneywills said...

You got a new kitchen table!!

Eric & Anna Miller said...

Thanks Danielle.:) You're sweet. I'm so excited to see you in a week!!! And Whitney, I posted about our table cause you reminded me! New chairs, old table redone.:)

Jordan and Sam said...

AHHHH GOD! Please move me near all my closest friends so that we can have Thanksgiving together!!!!! Please!!?!?!!?!! Not now? Okay...maybe later. I'm holding you to that.