Tuesday, December 1, 2009


I don't know if its the holidays or just the fact that it feels like its been forever since I've had large amounts of quality time with my family. Which is funny to say since I was able to see some or all of them in all but 4 months out of this year. And thats not counting the 10 days Eric and I will spend in Virginia for Christmas. I just miss living with Rachel. Life was more fun when she was in my house. I miss John's hugs... he gives the best hugs. He learned from my mom. I miss spending every moment and sharing absolutely every item and every friend with Sarah, the way we did in highschool. I miss taking walks with Mom and Dad's freakin' strong coffee. I miss watching Phoebe and Max grown up and watching Levi be an amazing patient father. I think right now, it just that stage of feeling like I'm missing out. Being a military wife, with no possible station close to home, is a hard thing to swallow every once in a while. There are days, weeks and months that it really doesn't feel so bad and doesn't really faze me, and then others, well lets just say its hard to get past it. The Lord remains faithful throughout and is literally my only constant companion, since the one that I have followed around the country often leaves me as well.:) And as I read this morning in devotions... Isaiah 44 states that there is "one who will say, 'I belong to the LORD '; still another will write on his hand, 'The LORD's,'" That is how I long to view myself. That I am a belonging of the Most High and written all over my being, that I am the His. He is my Portion, my true family, my Help and Comforter, my Peace and Companion. May I only speak His praises that I have such a wonderful earthly family whom I miss constantly. What a blessing that is.

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