Saturday, December 12, 2009

Christmas Card Crisis

Okay so here it is. It has now been printed 4 times. Truly absurd. The amount of time and energy it has taken to just get our Christmas picture right. We're not even doing cards! For everyone who is expecting to receive a Miller Christmas card, be warned: just a picture, no card, no letter. And probably at this point, no note cause I'm just too dang tired of it all. Here is our first try. The problem with this one, is the border that was SUPPOSE to be there. But instead, you see that little sliver of white at the bottom? Yeah, thats all we got for a border. So, it was a no go for Picture #1.
Picture #2. I got them reprinted and the border was great, but if you look closely, it reads, "3 1/2 years as the Miller". MILLER. No plural there. Just one. One Miller. This time, the border has covered the S, thus making us a family of one. And if you haven't noticed at this point, the word HELL is written right behind Eric's head. Which Eric (not me, but I was willing to deal with it) thought was funny, but the longer I looked at it, I kept reading it as one sentence. And this is what our Christmas card was communicating to all our friends and family the more and more I looked at it: "Merry Christmas! We love you and hope you had a wonderful year! We would like you to know that it has been 3 1/2 YEARS AS THE MILLER HELL." No way jose. I was SO not about to send that one out.
Picture #3. I picked a different picture, which was nice, lovely, and even though it wasn't a close up, would do a job. I mean, seriously, I had these printed last night at 1am at the One Hour Photo at Walmart via the internet so I could have them prior to leaving for Virginia. I went to pick them up today and what did I find?! A nice pea-size purple splotch on Eric's leg. Printed on all 60 copies. At this point its really just comical.:)
I took a closer picture of it - see? Can you see it? Not horrible, but definitely not ideal. Phil though, the nice grungy long and curly haired high-school boy at the Photo Department offered to photoshop it out and print them again for me if I was willing to wait another 10 minutes. For free. I had a strong urge to pat his grungy mangey little head for being so kind. I restrained myself and just gave him a very sweet smile with a very sweet thank you.
So here is Picture #4 and definitely the last reprint of our Christmas picture. We won't even get into the fact that I had to SPECIAL ORDER envelopes because there are NONE to be found in stores that JUST fit pictures!!! They are all either way to big or way too small. I don't even want to begin to add up how much we've spent. Oh well, we are only doing $30 stockings this year, so our Christmas cards have just made up for the difference. Merry Christmas to you all!!!:)


Jordan and Sam said...

hahahahahaha oh my gosh that is ridiculous. i can't wait to get this photo

Anna said...

It really was so funny. I was bummed we couldn't use the first photo cause I loved it so much. Oh well, I'm sure we'll just get it framed instead.