Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Our Christmas

We had our own Christmas on Monday night since we of course, will be in Virginia over Christmas. Our traditions are to always make a nice meal together, open presents, and usually watch a Christmas movie. We aren't big drinkers, but we try to have a nice bottle of wine, but this year we were a little busy and forgot to get one, so leftover beer from a function we had a month ago (I'm telling ya, we hardly drink!) had to suffice. We also normally make Eric's favorite, stuffed mushrooms, which was also forgot... I guess life has been a little crazy. Anyway, we got fresh tuna from the fish market and made a special sauce with a rice medley as a side - it was yummy!
So pretty. I love colorful food.
Eric is always ready with the camera. At this point, I asked very sweetly, "Can we please sit and enjoy dinner together?" Hahaha - he rarely puts the camera down!

I tried a new recipe for dessert, from Barefoot Contessa on the Foodnetwork - so yummy! Eric loves lemon desserts and so Lemon Curt Tart it was. I think its a favorite.
Ready to open presents! We did $30 stockings this year - last year we overdid it and we really wanted to cut back. So this was a nice alternative.
I love Eric's cards to me. They are always so thoughtfully written and he always makes me smile. The "To: and From:" on the envelope is always cute and makes me laugh. This year it read, "To: The best woman in all the world. From: The luckiest guy and due to association, with the aforementioned, some may consider the best guy." Where does he come up with this stuff?:)
Opening his gifts. What could be inside I wonder??
Aviators from Urban!!! No more of the 60's dorky looking Air Force sunglasses anymore! Yay!
My little plaques from Eric. He wrote little coupons on these wooden plaques instead of cardstock - he hates being predictable.:) But with these came a nice little Anthropologie giftcard - YAY!!!

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