Wednesday, June 17, 2009

I miss you

Rachel is gone. She left yesterday. My mom is here and that helps, but having Rachel here for the past month was absolutely amazing. We had so much fun just living together. We laughed so much, goofed off, stayed up late, made delicious meals & fun drinks, sat outside on the patio talking till way late sharing our fears and excitments in life. It was such a precious time for me. She arrived 3 days after Eric left and it made this first month go so fast. She helped me work through some difficult things that I was dealing with, letting me cry and just be me. I love you Rachel. Thank you for giving me a month of your summer and pouring your life into mine. You were a bit of Jesus and helped me on my feet in so many ways. I miss you like crazy and my heart hurts so bad not having you here. You are so so precious to me. I love you.

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Rachel said...

i miss you so much. every day life isn't nearly as exciting or funny without you there repeating everything you say twice.. "that's fun.. that's fun." "so weird! weird!"
but really, i do miss doing everything with you. i realized how convenient and awesome it is to have a built-in best friend in a sister. thanks for flying me out and fattening me up for a month. i'm sorry i broke so many things and one day i will make it up to you!
you're an amazing person and i couldn't do what you do. i admire you so much.
love you sister, you're the best :)