Tuesday, June 23, 2009

"What's up? Your cholestrol, fatty!"

Before you think I'm the worst wife to post these pictures with that title, you have to understand that Eric and I say this quote to each other at least every other day. It's from Liar Liar and it always makes us laugh, no matter the context. Eric was able to go off base and hang out in the city for a day and for dinner they ended up at Fuddruckers, for the 1 lb challenge. No he didn't win anything for eating a disgustingly large amount of ground up cow, except for a nice stomach ache and some good pictures.:)
The hamburger on the left is Eric's - 1 lb. And the one on the right is 1/3 of a pound. So crazy. I wouldn't even be able to eat a 1/3 of a pound and here it looks minuscule.
And away he goes. The size of Eric's mouth has been a point of fascination for our friends here in Oklahoma from time to time. And obviously here, he is NO where near putting the entire burger in his mouth. Its HUGE!
Of course.... he owned it. Or should I say powned it?


Levi Cole said...

that's awesome! haha. so funny. and the quote is actually from Liar Liar. ;)

Miller Time said...

You're right! haha... I get the quotes mixed up from those 2 movies cause Eric says them all the time.