Tuesday, March 23, 2010

Well this is what our kitchen has looked like for the past 4 days. We are in our final stages of spraying the doors with the air compressor and letting them dry and I'm hoping that tomorrow they will be all placed back in their rightful spots.
This is what my house looked like. Therefore this is how my brain felt. IN DISARRAY.
So I bought these to make myself feel better. Boy did they ever.
I put them above my sink so I can look at them a million times a day. Thats actually not true. I don't stand at my kitchen sink a million times a day. It just feels like that. And I'm not even a stay-at-home-mom yet.
I put one by my bed too.
I like starfish. Can you tell? I promise I didn't bring the one from the kitchen into my bedroom just as a prop for the picture. I really do have two. Just two though.

I found this little mirror tray at the Goodwill this past weekend. I LOVE IT. I think its actually suppose to be a framed mirror, like one you hang up. Nope, not in this house it won't. And I LOVE the people on top of my mirror tray. They are some of my absolute FAVORITES.
I found this little gold clock during one of my treasure hunts. I'm really not entirely sure as to why the previous owner got rid of it because it is ADORABLE and cannot be cheap. Just needed a new battery.
And my slowly growing collection of mercy glass candle sticks. I once had a very dear friend ask me if there was any particular reason why I didn't put candles in my candlesticks. I had no explanation for her. And I still don't.
Can't wait to show you the finished kitchen!!

Ps. - I apologize for the randomness of this post. I'm not quite sure how we got from painting kitchen cabinets to discussing what resides next to my pillow.


Dawn said...

Send on the "reveal" pictures!

prashant said...

i am new reader of your blog. thanks
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