Friday, March 19, 2010

This is what I did today instead of working. I went to work, but then got sent home because the meeting that I had, got cancelled. I'm not complaining.

So, I tackled this project. I had been wanting to make topiaries for awhile, but the supplies for them can add up real quick. From the pots, to moss, and floral foam but then I read this. Julie has a great blog that is super practical and lots of fun decorating tips and made topiaries the other day that were SUPER cheap and really adorable! I found these little pots for $5 a piece at Hobby Lobby - they were 50% off therefore perfect!
Heres the first one. I think I like Julies better but they are cute and definitely made the living room more springy.
And the second one. I made Eric drive down the road the other day when we were out because we lack a supply of trees in Oklahoma our neighborhood and so I had to steal from behind a church.
Ignore the splotch of white paint on the mantle. I got into a painting frenzy about a month ago and starting painting anything I could get my hands on. Eric caught me right has I had done my first couple strokes and made me put the brush down. I still want to paint it. But then again, I want to paint pretty much everything in my house at this point. Happy Friday!!!

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