Thursday, March 18, 2010

I'm not sure why I made sushi tonight. Its actually kind of cruel because Eric LOVES sushi and he's flying tonight and won't be home till 10 or 11pm. BUT - I did make two extra rolls for him, so all he has to do is slice and serve it up. I was just in the mood. Its so yummy, filling and yet very healthy. I used canned tuna, red pepper and avacado cause it as all I had in my fridge, but it was deliciousness. I find that a lot of people are intimidated by making sushi - it really is quite easy, it just can be a little time consuming. But if you keep your filler ingredients to a minimum, its not that bad. I've been to and have put on sushi parties before where everyone assembles their own and they are so fun! It gets everyone involved and everyone likes touching their food.:)
One roll filled me up, and there was enough rice to make to rolls so those are in the fridge for Eric if he comes home hungry. I am off to work on one of my many projects. Sewing, painting or making topiaries... not sure which one I want to do haha.:)

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Brandon said...

Anna that looks SO good, and legit! Way to go! I want some!