Monday, August 24, 2009

Wishing there were two cups...

I had coffee alone this morning. And it just made me miss having a roommate. Eric doesn't drink coffee with me when he's home, but at least he's home! Both Rachel and Darby are coffee drinkers and I would almost every morning put on the pot for two. Living alone is not very fun, and neither is drinking coffee alone. On a high note though, only 2 1/2 more weeks before Eric COMES HOME!!! I can't believe our time apart is finally coming to a close. I can't wait!!!


A Homemaker's Heart said...

I would have a cup with you... I just started drinking coffee in fall '08 after 34 years of living without! I love it but only drink decaf. By the way, I'm just getting back to blogging after blogger killed my account :)

Love and MISS you,

Jennie said...

I think about you a lot and have so much respect for the way you're handling this time while Eric's away.