Thursday, August 20, 2009

So a LOT has happened since Sam and Lindsday left. The morning Brandon came and picked Lindsay up from my house, was the same day all of Darby's bridesmaids arrived to my house. I had all of them spending the night after the bachelorette party that was taking place that evening. We partied it up in Oklahoma City and then came back to my house where we had fondue for dessert, gave Darbs presents, and then had one big sleepover. It was so fun but definitely started off the wedding weekend a little sleep deprived!

This is Taylor Harwell, one of my dear friends who Darby asked to coordinate the wedding day. I was her helper, and I'll say we did a pretty good job.:) No major hiccups and we still had time to dance a little and eat cake.
The aisle!!! All the bridesmaids helped Taylor and I set up the chairs. Its a lot harder to do then it looks!!! There were several tries in order to get them straight and parrelle. It was a gorgeous place to get married.
The "entrance" of the aisle. It was really pretty.
The BRIDE!!! Its not the best picture, but she still looks stunning!
There they are!!! It was so perfect and so beautiful. The wind wasn't even a problem - which is definitely a concern for an outdoor wedding in Oklahoma.
Another close up.
The cake was gorgeous!!! Totally Darby - full of color and not too formal.
All the goodies on the dessert buffet.
The decor - everything was so colorful and so fun!
Taylor and I with the musicians for the evening - her husband Nathan and our friend Arash.
Finally me with the bride. This was after a reeeeallly long day and about an hour of dancing, not the nicest shot of me, but of course, Darby looks beautiful.
It was such a fun day and really neat to be able to see Darby and I's hard work pay off. Her and Wes have a great group of friends who have surrounded them continue to support them. It was a blessing to meet both of their extended families and get to know them better through celebrating one the most special days of their lives.

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