Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Its been a good couple days at the local Goodwill. Since Britt is now crawling and playing more, I decided to get her some toys. She had about 5 that she was completely over and I hate spending money on kids stuff cause it either gets ruined really quickly, they grown out of it super fast or they get bored of it. So to the Goodwill we went. I found this xylophone for $2.
This I think was $4.50. I saw these are the JBF sale on Monday and the cheapest one was $10. I put new batteries in, gave it a good scrub and it works like new.
This was $2 and its one of those push the middle and the bottom spins. She hasn't gotten the hang of it yet, but when I do it, she thinks its hilarious. We are working on her collection, but I want to keep things cheap. And not a ton at once. Or at all.
$2 bright lime green puffer jacket? Done.
I thought these were super cute shorts with little yellow and black birds on them. They had a cute pocket in the back and were $1.50.
The tags were still attached, Zebi clothing anyone? I've never heard of it, but they were clearly never worn.
These were $3 and super comfy. I have a pair of green New Balances but have always wanted a more neutral color like khaki or gray, so I was SUPER excited when I saw these in my size!
This chair was $9 and I LOVE it. It has such a fun shape and the crushed red velvet fabric is in fairly good shape. I'll probably reupholster is one day, but for now, it works.
I love the nailheads in the detailing. Its a really sturdy and comfortable chair.
And this is where it landed in my house after a good wipe down and vacuum.
Man I've missed Goodwill. Its good to be back.:)


Jennie said...

Toys make me crazy--good plan with the keeping it cheap and limited. I loved those blocks You have for Britt though. Tell me where you got them? I'm gonna be ticked if you say Goodwill. :-)

Anna said...

hahahaha Jennie, those were NOT Goodwill. They are Anthropologie. I LOVE their kids stuff - very classic.