Friday, November 13, 2009

Say cheese!

Here it is ladies and gentlemen! We just ordered a Nikon D40 - and I'm pumped!!! We have been saving for the past couple months and are finally able to purchase it. Its amazing what a budget does... I felt no remorse or "ummm, are we sure we can afford this? I mean, I know we have the money, but do we have the money for THIS?" We found the deal online that we had been waiting for, had exactly the right about of money in our "camera" account, with actually $2.92 leftover.:) So get ready for new and improved pics! I am hoping to start taking photography lessons in January.


Our Family said...

I have to say...I am so jealous!!! But more happy for you!! Its really nice, and I am sure worth every penny.
I am saving up for a camera like this too...and someday, maybe take some lessons. Hope you both are doing well!! Miss you

Miss Writer said...

I am saving up for a camera too! I am looking at a D70S or a D40. I miss you tons!!! FACEBOOK ME!!!!!