Wednesday, November 4, 2009

A for effort

See those little specks on the pizza? Thats basil from a basil plant I grew from seedling. And thats the only thing it made me. Its my own fault - I'm not a very patient person (a huge flaw in my character I am well aware) and I didn't baby the plant the way little love ferns must need. Below is the sad little basil plant I "took care of" and "grew" all summer long. Oh well, at least we had fresh basil on our margarita pizza. It was yummy and now the plant is in the trash. I promise to try harder next summer. Eric will be home.... therefore, the plants will actually get watered regularly.:/


Our Family said...

Thats what my plants look like too! That pizza looks so yummy! margarita pizza is one of my favorites!

Dawn said...

I may be able to grow children but I"m not a good plant mom! I started several herbs in the spring but parsley and basil are the only ones that grew. Tom is the caretaker!