Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Owl City was here!

Oh my gosh if you've never heard of Owl City - you have been missing out. The "band" consists of 3 people, the lead singer, Adam Young, a girl who does some back up vocals and a drummer. All the music comes from these "keyboards" or synthesizers or whatever. Its a very electronic sound - and its AMAZING. I call it happy music. Anyway, they came to OU for a free concert and I went with one of my Biblestudy girls. They're have just really gotten really big with their new song, "Fireflies" but I've been listening to them for a while before that, and Rachel and John, have been listening to him for years. He was SO great live - it was like he was just having so much fun singing and there weren't 3000 people singing along with him.Lauren and I waited in line for 1 1/2 hrs and then sat in the stadium for another hour waiting for them to come on. It was so worth it. We were excited to see Owl City but also excited about our matching gray nail polish.:) It was fun go with her.

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Miss Writer said...

OWL CITY???? Man I am sooo jealous. How was it? AWESOME!