Tuesday, April 7, 2009


I"m sorry its been so long. Life has been busy, but beyond that, I've just been in a rut with what to write about. We don't have kids to update on every day and my camera battery is dead with no way to charge it (I lost the charger) so I have had no new pictures to post. But alas, today, I recorded an everyday occurrence for you all to see. This is the latest command that Ellen has learned. She is fully aware of the fact that she will not be petted or touched when she is let inside until she is "worshipping." Sometimes its a little bit more dramatic then others, and today was a mediocre day. She will prostrate herself on the floor, little stump of a tail wagging, waiting for the moment you bend down and pet her. So here it is... Ellen worshipping.

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Miss Writer said...

Congrats...you got her to worship you for about 3 seconds. (lol) I am just kiddin'....it was cute....
I miss you sooo much, E-MAIL ME SOMETIME!!!!!!!