Thursday, April 16, 2009

Crazy dog

We are teaching Ellen to sleep on her bed, outside of her crate. I think its best that she is sleeping next to me by the bed rather then caged up in her kennel for when Eric is gone. It definitely makes me feel safer. Well, this is where and how she has slept the past couple nights that we have tried it. I think its adorable. For some reason, she just loves under the bed! I think its because its cave-like and she loves anything that feels enclosed.


Jack Kewley said...

That's a good girl, Ellen. You learn to sleep on the floor next to where Anna is! JPops

Miss Writer said...

OHNO!!!!! YOU DID NOT JUST CUT YOUR HAIR!!!!!!!!!?????!!!!!!!

Ellen is the cutest. She'll probably eat my baby bunny-wabbits.

Luv you!