Friday, April 24, 2009

College Life Camping

This past weekend we went camping in the Wichita Mountains with the college group we do ministry with. It was so fun! It was a great time to relax and hang out with the students off campus and just have a good time.

We went for a hike to the highest point in the mountain range to watch the sunset. It was beautiful.
This is Michelle, my good friend and the wife of the college pastor. She is 4 1/2 months pregnant and so close to finding out the gender or what we like to call, flavor of the baby.=)

Eric waiting for the sun to set.
This is Jeremy and Arash. Jeremy, on the left, is the college pastor and Michelle's husband. Arash, has been attending Wildwood church for 6-7 years now, plays the electric guitar for the band and works with us in the College Life. They are both great guys.
From left to right: Lindsey, freshman) Katherine, (freshman) Michelle, Abby, (freshman) Lauren, (sophomore) They are such precious girls and I love them to death!!

We saw buffalo!!! They were so cool! The baby one was adorable. They crossed the street as we were driving to the place we were going hike. They are such big animals!

From left to right: Sarah, (sophomore) Abby (freshman) Katherine (freshman) Darby, just graduated in December but still hangs out us in the College Ministry, and Katie, (sophomore) This was before our hike.

This is Rick and Carla. Rick does a camping ministry at Wildwood and he was the one that brought all the food and prepared all our meals while out in the woods. His chili is A-mazing!!! They are such a great couple. On a side note, Rick is also my boss. He is the director of the Norman Arts Council where I work. It is such a blessing working for a believer.

Here Rick is making biscuits over the fire. Its incredible how he cooks when outside.
Eric and I hanging out at the campsite.

The girls of the trip. So cute.
Lauren, on the left, and Sarah in the middle are 2 of my 6 Biblestudy girls. They are so much fun and such a blessing. I have loved leading a Biblestudy. It has been the highlight of this year.

This is Darby. She is so much fun and a complete blessing. She is going to be living with me for about a month while Eric is deployed. She is getting married the beginning of August and her lease runs up end of June. I'm so excited to hang out with her and get to know her better. And help her plan her wedding! Always fun.=)
Andrew Babb. The first born of 12 children and our worship leader. 90% of this air mattress was blow up by his lungs.=) He was pretty winded.

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Brandon and Lindsay Spurlock said...

There are mountains in Oklahoma!? Who knew...

On a side note, those buffalo are awesome!