Thursday, December 4, 2008

Trans-Siberian Orchestra

We got tickets with some friends of ours to attend Trans Siberian Orchestra this past Sunday and it was SO fun! Its like attending a rock concert with Christmas music! They are such talented musicians and the lights were incredible. We had such a good time and it was so nice to do something Christmasy before Eric had to leave on another TDY. I didn't get to take many pictures because I got in trouble for taking the ones that I did.=)

There were 9 musicians, 4 electric guitar players, 1 violinst, 1 electric violinst, two pianists, and a drummer. They were AMAZING.

This was during the final song. There was fire, smoke, strobe lights, twinkle lights, rotating lights. There was too much to look at one time!


Sherrill said...

The photos are so good I can almost hear the music.

Anonymous said...


Stephen and Lacey said...

This is awesome. I am jealous. I've always wanted to go. I've heard it is amazing!! Love and miss you!

amy said...

That's awesome! I saw them a few years ago and loved it! i'm glad you got to go! you Anna, it was so good to see you at the wedding! Miss you!

Miss Writer said...

NOT FAIR!!! Everyone knows that I am TSO's beiggest fan!!!! I miss you tons.